Sinnott House demolition work due to start
Work to demolish the former police station is due to commence on the 5th October 2020 and is likely to take around three weeks.

Our hours of operation will be in accordance with the planning approval of 08.00 - 18.00 hrs, Monday to Friday and will involve the following;

  • General site clearance (i.e. the removal of all external furnishings within the site boundary such as fences, bollards and lighting columns;
  • Removal of vegetation to the front elevation adjacent to Broomhill Road;
  • The soft strip and removal of all internal materials, fixtures and fittings;
  • The machine demolition of Sinnott House (works will commence from the rear elevation of the building to the front elevation of the building adjacent to Broomhill Road);
  • The removal of the former ground slab, footings and foundations; and
  • Backfilling of all excavations with site won materials to the former ground level.

Details of the appropriate permissions from Bristol City Council can be viewed on the Bristol City Council planning website by clicking here and searching for planning reference 20/02571/N.

As part of the pre-condition surveys, we have carried out an asbestos survey which has confirmed that there is no asbestos in the building.

A bat survey has confirmed that there are no bats in the building and whilst vegetation removal is proposed, we are doing this outside the bird nesting season (March to September). In addition, there are to be no trees to be felled and an ecologist will be on site to undertake a watching brief and liaise with the demolition contractor.

During the demolition works, we will be recycling as much of the material as possible.

During all site works, we will erect fencing to secure our site boundary and the fencing will be affixed by warning notices and site information.

Please note that, in the interests of health and safety and site security, a permanent fence will be installed on the northern boundary of the Homes England site adjoining the access lane serving garages to the rear of Belroyal Avenue. The fence will reuse existing panels where possible, with new panels added to match, and will remain in place after the works are completed. A plan is attached to show the alignment of this fence.

Following our departure from the site, the front elevation of the site will continue to be secured with heras fencing and a concrete blocker will be reinstated to prevent unauthorised access and fly tipping.

Whilst we do not expect to cause you inconvenience, there will be machines demolishing the building and breaking up foundations along with some additional movement of lorry traffic to and from the site.

During this period, we will be closely monitoring noise, dust and vibration emissions to ensure that they do not exceed statutory limits. Should these levels of emissions exceed these limits, works will stop and will be reviewed to ensure that they fall back below the required level.

If you have any questions before or during the work, please do not hesitate to contact us. If it is related to the demolition work, please contact the team directly, either on 02920 888 788, or speak directly to our onsite supervisor who will be happy to help you. If it is development related, please contact the team through the above link.

It is our intention to complete the works with a minimum of inconvenience to local residents.


Demolition plan (PDF, 0.4MB)The demolition plan for the former Sinnott House, showing the location of proposed fencing and access points for demolition.
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