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Public Footpath Update

Homes England has applied for an order to stop up and divert, as Public Rights of Way (PROWs), the existing trodden paths across the site. This is needed due to the potential conflict between the current routes and the areas of development approved under the outline planning permission.

There will be no physical alteration to the existing paths until a Reserved Matters planning application is approved (anticipated to be submitted in Summer 2025) and development starts in 2026...

The plan below shows the existing paths affected.

The path under the pylons and the link between Bonville Road and Belroyal Avenue, will not be changed apart from formalising the actual routes that seem to have followed natural desire lines over time.

The order is being published for consultation by Bristol City Council, and you may have seen some on-site notices publicising this. Any representations about, or objections to, the Order may be sent, or delivered, in writing addressed to the Service Director, Legal and Democratic Services, City Hall PO Box 3399, Bristol BS3 9FS (quoting reference 161715), or by e-mail to, not later than 22 March 2024. Please state the grounds on which they are made.

This legal process is the next step in altering the routes pedestrians will use in the future to cross the site and to enjoy the public open space within the new development. These new routes, which will include new footways, pedestrian and cycle links and other more informal paths, properly surfaced with new lighting, will be submitted to the Council for public consultation before development of the site begins.

The illustrative masterplan submitted with the planning application shows how the pedestrian/cycle routes could be provided – see plan below:

If an order stopping up the current paths is confirmed, they will not be closed until absolutely necessary once the construction of the new homes is underway. This is to ensure the safety of members of the public. Temporary arrangements, taking into account health and safety issues, to maintain key access routes during the construction period, will be agreed with Bristol City Council.

Homes England will continue to be involved in the delivery of new homes, infrastructure and open space on the site, including new connections, all the way through construction until new roads and footways are adopted by Bristol City Council and the remainder of the public elements of the scheme are taken on by a management company.