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Outline planning application now live

Homes England's Brislington Meadow's application has now been validated and is available to view and comment on via Bristol City Council's planning portal...

Homes England has now submitted an outline planning application to Bristol City Council. The planning reference is 22/01878/P and can be viewed via the Council's planning portal.

The principle of development was established by Bristol City Council in 2014 and this application seeks to establish high level development parameters including movement corridors, land use, landscape and building heights. The detail (which includes design) will come forward through a 'reserved matters' applications at a later date, subject to this application being approved.

Key aspects of the application include the creation of 260 new homes, 30% affordable; a nature and landscape led scheme with a commitment to an overall increase of 10% biodiversity achieved on and off site; an integrated '20-minute neighbourhood' where schools; shops; work opportunities; Victory Park and Eastwood Farm, and public transport are within walking distance; new formal and informal play spaces, and new pedestrian and cycle routes heading south, north, east and west; and investment in the local area through the Community Infrastructure Levy.

Over the coming months the application will be reviewed by members of the public, statutory consultees and planning officers, with a decision expected later this year.

We'd like to thank everyone who has been involved in the consultation over the last 20 months.