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Neighbour specific

In summary, we must adhere to the following:

  • Distances – planning policy dictates that there must be at least 20 metres between the back of an existing house and any new homes.
  • Whilst having views from your home is not a statutory right, we are working to ensure that visual impact is minimised as much as possible.
  • We will use building orientation and existing slopes to minimise overlooking and ensure privacy.
  • Right to light – this is a detail to be considered at the reserved matters stage but there are accepted legal principles that will be applied.
  • Trees and hedges on neighbouring land will not be affected.

The scheme does comply with all relevant principles which will protect the residential amenities of surrounding properties.

No, this is outside our red line legal boundary and will not be affected.

We are very conscious of the impact on our nearest neighbours and want to deliver a development that respects them as much as possible and protects neighbours rights (see above).

Between the proposed homes, there are trees to protect privacy and windows will be positioned carefully to minimise this too. The detailed design will be picked up at the reserved matters stage and subject to further public consultation.

The rear access which serves the garages to the rear of Belroyal Avenue will not be affected by the development. This land is not owned by Homes England.

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As above and see cross-section below.

Indicative section

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