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Investment locally including S106 and CIL

This will be determined during the planning process. Bristol City Council will determine the level of obligations required and how financial contributions will be spent. Homes England has already committed to providing 30% affordable housing under the S106 agreement which is a key priority for BCC.

As part of the planning process, we would have to give money to the council to pay for improvements in the area.

Section 106 funds are mainly for local projects to mitigate any impacts, things like highway improvements, parks improvements and tree planting.

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a more general development ‘tax’ and is split as follows:

  • 15% goes to Area Committees (Brislington is in Area 5) to be spent on local schemes decided by councillors
  • 80% goes to strategic infrastructure projects to support the growth of Bristol
  • 5% for set up and admin costs of CIL

You can find out more on Bristol City Council’s website.

There will also be investment from more new council taxes and increased footfall in the local area.

S106 contributions are specific and need to be linked to the scheme. They are designed to help mitigate the impacts of the development itself. Examples include highway improvements, parks improvements and tree planting.

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