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Affordable housing

30% is in line with Council policy.

First Homes is new and Bristol City Council has recently produced guidance on First Homes - see (Addendum to Affordable Housing Practice Note (

The affordable housing will be pepper-potted around the site and will include a mix of homes and apartments, smaller and larger homes. The details of this will be agreed with Bristol City Council at the Reserved Matters stage.

Affordable housing can be split into three categories: social rented, affordable rented, and intermediate housing including First Homes (discounted market sale).

Social Rent is often referred to as ‘council housing’ with the homes managed by Bristol City Council or a housing association and residents paying around £92 a week for a 3 bed, £80 a week for a 2 bed and £72 for a 1 bed.

With shared ownership, the purchaser ‘buys’ up to 40% of the house and a housing association would own the remainder.

First Homes offer a minimum 30% discount on market sale. More detail can be found here in a note produced by Bristol City Council.

The breakdown of affordable housing on Brislington Meadows is likely to be 75% social rent and 25% First Homes. HE will be giving BCC the option to take on the completed affordable housing.

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